A little bit about the Pit Crew band members who regularly play at the Velodrome.
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George Dubrish has been playing lead guitar regularly with the IVBP Pit Crew band for nearly 10 years. George was part of the Detroit rock and roll music scene dating back to the late 60’s and is featured in the Detroit Public TV show “Detroit Remember When” talking about playing at the Grande Ballroom with his band Dhobis Itch. The Itch played many shows in Michigan in 1968-1970, and opened shows for many locally and nationally prominent bands such as Bob Seger, SRC, Rod Stewart and the Faces, Savage Grace, Third Power, and many others.

While going to school at Monteith College (part of Wayne State University), George played music in east side bars to supplement his income.

These days, George, most often with singer wife Kathy, can also be seen at Detroit area blues and rock jam sessions as well as at acoustic open mics.

In addition to playing music, George has been cycling with the Wolverine Sports Club since 1982, and was appointed to the Presidency of the WSC in 2010, a position that he continues to hold. George is proud to be associated with this historic cycling and speedskating club and works to promote the club’s racing and touring programs. The IVBP is a tremendous facility for the Wolverines as well as many other Michigan bike racers, and playing with the Pit Crew is a special privilege for George because it unifies his music and cycling passions.
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Leonardo Gianola plays solo, acoustic, Country Blues songs from the '20's and '30's throughout the Detroit metro area using National Resophonic guitars. When the NAS-TRACK Pit Crew needed a permanent drummer, he reached back to his musical roots and started playing drums again. From his perch on the bandstand (the best seat in the house) he will keep the pace of the band side by side with all of the racing.

More information on Leonardo's music can be found at:
myspace.com/leonardogia or can be found on YouTube at youtube.com/user/leonardogia

The NAS-TRACK Pit Crew band plays "Music to Sling To"
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Frank F. Koscielski "Frankie the K" is part of Black Hat which is a musical toybox for grown-ups, combining folk, pop, rock, jazz and the occasional classical masterpiece with intelligent lyrics from a real-life perspective.  Frankie the K (Dr. Frank Koscielski), originally played in the respected Detroit band Badge in the late 1960's and 1970's, before rediscovering the joys of Chopin and Mozart in the 1980's. He returned to pop music in the late 1990s with a vengeance and has several musical projects these days. Dr. Caroline Maun, after earning a Ph.D. in English from the University of Tennessee and a detour in Baltimore, swept herself into Detroit and met Frankie the K.  She is the author of two book of poetry: The Sleeping that appeared in 2006 and Cures and Poisons in 2009. She injected her sophisticated yet humorous lyrics into the mix, and a new group was born. 

BLACK HAT pursues a delicate balance between musical debauchery and pragmatism, and the result is a true listener's delight. BLACK HAT has a new CD released in May 2009 available for sale from the band and on CD Baby and I-Tunes.

Contact: Caroline Maun, 313.757.0349,
Frankie the K, 248-410-0525,


BLACK HAT, is a band founded by Wayne State University professors Frankie the K (Frank Koscielski) and Caroline Maun in 2008 and centered in Clinton Township and Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan. They recently released their second album, Hooray for Love.

Lead vocalist and keyboard player Frankie the K is a longtime member of the Detroit music community. He originally played guitar and keyboards for Badge, among many others and in addition to BLACK HAT he fronts the rock/blues-inspired group big SHORTY and the eclectic Dr. Bop! He studies jazz piano with Detroit Music Award winner Scott Gwinnell. Vocalist Maun is an acclaimed poet with three books and numerous publications. Together they have written a clutch of spirited, enchanting songs which follow an arc of compassion, joy and not a little lunacy.

BLACK HAT’s second album Hooray for Love features the duo amid a wide array of accomplished Detroit musicians. Jef Reynolds, well-known in the Detroit community for his presence in many area acts as an electric and upright bass player, produced and engineered the album, which was recorded in his studio throughout much of 2012. Bill Hulet plays drums throughout. James O’Donnell, best known for his work with R.J. Spangler’s Planet D Nonet, contributes trumpet to several of the tracks. Ralph Koziarski of The Luddites plays saxophone, flute, and percussion instruments. Dirty Pirate Hookers' founder and lead guitarist Pat Shanley contributed to several songs, and Dale Robertson of the Dale Robertson Band is particularly haunting on harmonica.

The band's sound is a culmination of classic pop, modern jazz and artful sensibility, claiming inspiration from sources as diverse as Leonard Cohen, Leon Russell, Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Talking Heads and Procol Harum. Their music has won fans throughout the Detroit area and beyond. BLACK HAT has appeared at the Cadieux Café, Music Hall Jazz Café, the Scarab Club, the Crazy Wisdom Tea House (Ann Arbor) The Raven (Port Huron) and on the nationally syndicated Mitch Albom Show. As befits two academics with a way for words, they have also performed for National Day of Poetry events in the Detroit area.

While Frankie and Caroline have been writing songs steadily for the past four years, the special impetus for recording Hooray for Love was Frank’s recovery from a serious motorcycle accident in March of 2012. A life-long rider, Frank survived and fully recovered from his injuries; his helmet probably saved his life. The planning, performing, and recording of this album is a celebration of second chances and near misses. Hooray for Love!

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Ken Lehto, Guitar All around music lover and guitar fanatic has been playing guitar since he was too young to know better. He has a wide range of guitar influences, including Jimmy Page, Chet Atkins, and the Rev. Horton Heat. He has been playing in bands in the local clubs for the past nine years. Currently plays lead guitar in the Detroit area rock band The Roosters. He worked as an engineer so in addition to playing you a tune he can also fix your amp or help you with your math homework.
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Michael Lisi wangled an invitation to play harmonica one Friday night in 2013 and had so much fun that he now refuses to give up his spot on the pit band's plywood perch. He played harmonica as a teenager, stopped for many years, then picked it up a again a few years ago. He now plays whenever he can, making up for lost time. "It's a simple, small instrument, but its possibilities for musical expression are endless" says Lisi. When the music stops, Lisi works for the law firm Honigman Miller Schwarz and Cohn as a trademark and copyright attorney.
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Denny Pullin is the bass player  for the Nastrack Pit Crew Band. A skilled musician, Denny plays in a variety of styles on guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and tenor banjo, in addition to bass. He is known for his instrumental playing on nylon string guitar- soft , laid back music which he has performed for years at various venues,parties,weddings, and events in the Detroit area. Denny also does vocals, accompanied by guitar and ukulele, with a repertoire of popular American(and foreign) music stretching back to the early 1900,s. He is available to play restaurants and other venues as well as private parties, weddings,etc. In addition to the above, in December, Denny can arrange for a certain JOLLY OLD GENT to appear at your holiday party or event! For booking info, or just to say hi, Denny can be reached at- mcnabbem@gmail.com