Things to Consider Before Your First Visit
  • The traditional opening day of the IVBP is the first Saturday in May.
  • Weekday programs are conducted in the evenings, since the volunteers at the IVBP have daytime jobs.
  • The Saturday Track 101 Class begins at 10:00 a.m.
    Fee is $20.00 or Free for Juniors.
  • IVBP classes continue each weeknight through mid-September, since all traffic must exit Bloomer Park by dusk.
  • The track surface must be totally DRY to be ridden upon.
  • ONLY fixed gear track bicycles can be ridden on the velodrome itself.
  • Groups are welcome and tours can be arranged with advanced notice.
  • Bloomer Park Entry Fee policy:
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The popular Friday Night Nas-Track Race Series begins mid-June and runs all summer long.
Tickets to watch the races cost $5 per adult and children are free with paid admission.

See the web site "Calendar of Events" page for specifics.
Ready to Ride?

Riders from ages 7 to 77 regularly ride the velodrome. You can too!
There are many opportunities to get new riders up and around the boards.
The IVBP staff has made things very easy for you:
  • Your first visit is only $20!  A Season Pass can be purchased for $200 ($150 for members with concurrent Lexus Velodrome Membership).
  • There are fixed gear track bikes & cycling shoes for you to borrow/rent.
  • Helmets MUST be worn while riding anywhere within the IVBP facility.
  • Junior riders (18 and under) are eligible for FREE track time, coaching, and equipment use.
  • Thursday evenings and the Saturday morning Track 101 Class are the best days for new riders.
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An "Accident Waiver and Release of Liability" form must be completed and given to an IVBP official prior to riding the velodrome. Riders under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian co-sign the release. Please print this release form and fill it out before coming to the IVBP to save time. Hard copy forms are also at the track.

State of Michigan mandated concussion form the 17 and under riders here.

Check out this video of the IVBP’s Dale Hughes, courtesy of Jamie Smith.
Teaching kids to ride the boards

Dale Hughes has a knack for teaching kids to ride the velodrome at Bloomer Park Pedal hard.
No whining. The kids eat it up.

Click on the video and it will open in a larger window on this page.

Current Fees for Riders
  • Junior Riders (18 and under) FREE. Includes track time, coaching, and equipment use.
  • Adult's first visit is $20.00. Includes track time, coaching, and equipment use.
  • Single Day Pass $20. Includes track time, coaching, and equipment use (if needed).
  • Adult Season Riding Pass $200. ($150 for members with concurrent Lexus Velodrome Membership) Includes track time, coaching, and equipment use (if needed).
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New Riders Night = Wednesdays!
On Wednesdays evenings, ALL new riders can join in the fun of track cycling. There shouldn’t be any super-fast racers on the track to make newbies feel uncomfortable. This is the best night for families to ride together, because no one gets lost and no one gets dropped. ;)

Youth Night = Thursdays!

Thursday evenings is a fun evening dedicated to junior age riders. Riders who may not have the strength to ride the track may bring their own bike and ride on the powder blue apron of the track, not ON the track itself. This is a popular option for younger siblings to “be a part of the action”. As their confidence and strength increases, they may choose to learn to ride a fixed gear bike and then be given instruction on how to ride ON the track.

Track 101 Class = Saturday Mornings 10:00 a.m. to Noon
The "Track 101 Class" is a comprehensive 2 hour class for novice and experienced cyclists, who want the complete International Velodrome at Bloomer Park (IVBP) experience. The only prerequisite is the ability to ride a bicycle smoothly and a desire to participate fully. The class focuses on riding techniques to safely and easily ride the track. Some of the topics covered include:
  • Layout of the velodrome
  • Basics of and the riding a fixed gear bicycle
  • First laps and basic technique on the velodrome
  • Riding with traffic on the velodrome
  • Pace line riding
  • Cones Drill - Bike Handling Drill
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The IVBP loaner fixed gear track bicycles have SPD mountain pedals. You are welcome to bring your own cycling shoes and/or pedals. The IVBP staff has tools to borrow.
Don’t Forget!
  • You will want plenty of water, sunscreen, and snacks while you’re at the IVBP.
  • You should bring insect repellant, especially if you’re on the tiered hillside viewing area.
  • There are bathrooms a short distance from the velodrome, open most of the IVBP season.
  • The use of cameras and video recording devices is encouraged!
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